First and Foremast, allow me to apologies for my absence lately. I Love blogging but I have been absoultely terrible at it, I call it pure laziness. I’m back now and I really want to be on top of my game. I want to tell you all what I have been up to over the past few months and where I am now.
As you can probably tell I’m back at Uni.. Yay!! On the positive side, you will be getting more of me, Fingers crossed. Well this is my first Post, So lets see 5 weeks down the line. 
Quick Question. How Cool are those shorts..? Very Cool right, they're  from Zara, retailing at £25.99. Which I think is pretty good. I first came across them online, and I was very eager to get them.  So I decided to pop into my local Zara and I managed to get a pair. (However as cool as they are, I'm taking them back, due to the sizing) I decided to pair the shorts with a crop top, to be honest I didn't have a lot of options. 
                                                                              Crop Top,MISSGUIDED, Shorts:ZARA

 P.s excuse the mess in my room I was in a Rush, Still trying to figure out a nice spot for night pictures and my room doesn't look great atm, so apologies to that.

See you soon Guys, Take care! 


Jeans:TOSPHOP, Top:H&M, Sandals:ZARA
Few Weeks back, I had a day out with my mum, We had Lunch at Jamie's  Italian we both ordered  the same thing, PASTAA! It was soo Good.  I have been so busy lately. I've been doing some crazy mental hours at work so I'm always pretty knackered.  I might start blogging what I wear to work but its pretty boring and dead casual, but I  will give it a shot.  But enough of that, Do you Like my new jeans, yes the white ones..? I Love them, so perfect for this time  of the year,  this is my first pair of jeans white jeans and as much as  white jeans scare me.  These fit so perfectly well and I do recommend them. I have another post lined up, so look out for that, hope you all have a lovely day and I hope to see see you in my next post.
 Take Care x 


Top, Trousers : MANGO, Bag:MARKET, Shoes: ZARA, Denim Jacket: PRIMARK
Yesterday, I went out with my Mum, We wanted to treat ourselves to a few ongoing sales. We didn't buy much to be honest. The weather has been really good for the past few weeks & I'm making the most if  with my outfit choices. You've  probably seen all the stuff I'm wearing in my previous posts,  apart from the shoes which are my current Favourite. I don't have much to say to be honest,  my life is pretty much same old, nothing much really going on,  I managed to bag myself a part time job for the summer so I'm pretty chuffed about that. 

Hope to see you all in my next Post,Take care 

The weather is having its full affect on me, I’m feeling rather inspired. I want a new change for the summer. I want short hair, to be more precise a long bob with a side fringe I think.  I’m that kind of a person, who usually sticks to what they are comfortable with, but I’m bored with my long middle parting hairstyle and I am longing for a transformation. I feel with these four months ahead of me   its a great time to experiment.


Hello Guys, Hope your all  well and enjoying the weather.  For me I'm doing very well, Just trying to make the most of the good weather, while its here.   Tuesday was such a tiring day for me, I spent the day hanging around with two of my friends,  venturing across London, we felt like good old tourists. For the outfit, I opted for a  slouchy casual look.  All the items I'm wearing are all from last year apart from the jeans  which are a recent buy from Paul & Bear.  These are probably my favourite jeans at the moment, purely to the fact they have a great fitting and they were a decent buy. In terms of footwear   I was hesitating to wear these boots simply because  it was so hot and i anticipated a long day ahead of us, However  they where pretty comfortable, I didn't compline. 
We started our adventure  pretty early,  therefore some of us didn't get time to grab breakfast, in fact none of  us did.  We headed straight  to Borough Market,Since we're all hungry our  aim was to find a food stand, which we successfully did. The market its self is really nice, very chilled out plenty of food stands/ stores, stalls. Really nice market as as a whole. 
We done so much walking, we needed some rest, so we checked into a near by park. We didn't stay there for too long, Seeing we were all  pretty hungry, Honestly whenever we go out we're constantly thinking about food.  We went to Homeslice , which is situated  in convert gardens. Were we tucked into the 20inch margarita Pizza. It was pretty delicious I must say. From there we took a ride down to Soho then he headed to Green Park.  Overall it was a really nice day out, we had so much fun and we didn't spend too much money.

Hope to see you in my next post, Take care guys x 


My first year of university has finally come to an end, it's so weird how fast it's all come. I have had the best time, & I wouldn't change anything about it. (Although I haven’t been on top with my blogging) Along the way I have made some incredible friends whom I have shared amazing memories with.  
I’m still mind blown on how quick the year went, I remember like it was only yesterday when my parents dropped me off.  I  had so many emotions on that day, I was so excited and anxious at the same time. I was scared encase I hated it, But it turned out great everyone was lovely and the one thing you have to keep in mind when your going into a new situation for instance like mine,  remember no one knows each other, and everyone wants to make friends and every one is keen so with all that it made it easier and I took that opportunity upon me.  It's been an incredible journey, I have become more independent in some aspects, I have learnt a few stuff about myself. I think I have made the most of it since I ditched blogging for a bit and reasons to why I'm so broke. 
Regarding my course, I have thoroughly enjoyed some modules. It’s a broad course and some modules I haven’t fully enjoyed them which is pretty much expected but I have stuck through and accomplished them. I feel I didn’t really give it my all, I was pretty lazy with my work.  Which is bad in a way because that’s the main reasons of going to uni but in second year I will have a different mentality and approach.  I'm just glad all the work and sleepless nights are out of the way and I can now start to enjoy my summer holidays. I still don't have anything planned as for yet, which is a bit of a bummer apart from a festival that I’m attending which isn’t until September. I hope you're all keeping well and I'm so grateful for the comments I always receive on my posts. Hope to see you in my next post. 
Take Care Guys, Have a Lovely day x 

-A moment lasts all of a second, but the memory lives on forever.-


Dress| Bohoo 

Hey guys, Hope your all keeping well. It’s been a while since I last posted, it’s so terrible of me but I just didn’t have any motivation what’s so ever. I just wanted to post an outfit, just to put it out there that blogging is still a big part of me. I am currently on three weeks holiday so I am gone be posting more frequently. See you in my next post. X


TOP:Zara, PANTS:Mango,SHOES:Topshop 

Helloooo to you all! I hope you've all been keeping well. As for me am doing brilliantly well. It’s been a few days since I last posted, this is mainly due to a very busy schedule, but here I am.  February is always a busy and a Scary month for me, because that’s when I turn a  year older. My birthday was last week Sunday, therefore I went home for the weekend. I have always had my birthday with my parents, so I really wanted to go home & they also desperately wanted me to come home too.  My mum notified me long ago in advance, haha aw bless her! I cant believe am 20 I feel so old, looking at it now  in 10 years time am gone be 30, it's really scary, but am so glad I made it to 20 and hope many more years to come for me.  To be honest I had nothing planned for the day, I had a very nice breakfast waiting for downstairs, breakfast at home is always amazing, it's even more amazing when it's my birthday because somehow you spend longer on the table &  get to use the phase 'It's my birthday Am not doing this...' my parents usually let me off! Haha Later on my parents planned dinner at my favorite restaurant, For the outfit I was pretty screwed, I was originally gone wear this skirt my mum bought me from Topshop. However I didn't find a top to match, therefore I was left with this option which I think worked out pretty well. I grabbed the top during the Zara sale, they still have it in some stores. The pants where also another sale find from Mango, I love them sooo much they are my fav. I decided to pair these two pieces with these shoes from Topshop, which are really dead comfortable. Overall I had a lovely birthday. 


Nice breaky at BTP, Probably the best breakfast I have ever tasted & thats a fact.Enjoy the Pictures, I am off to my lecture now. Have a Lovely day guys! 

TOP:Zara, Similar  SKIRT:H&M,SHOES:Topshop similar

Finally an outfit post, it’s been quite a while, since I last posted an outfit. It's mainly due to the bad weather, its been raining literally  every single day, but hopefully next week I will share a few outfits of the day with you.  But guess what, today I have this cheeky outfit from the other night.  I took it with my phone so please excuse the quality, but I really wanted to share it with you. My best friend came down to visit me, so I wanted to show her a good time.  In terms of Outfit, I never fully plan exactly what I want to wear, its always a few hours before I go out, So I was having a moment when I couldn’t come to terms on exactly what to wear. Since I am currently obsessed with black and white, of course I took a little trip in my wardrobe and some how I managed to put this little beauty together. The skirt is from H&M, it’s a high waist peplum style, and the top is from Zara. People would probably think its a one piece but its two separate items. In terms of the night overall, It was really good, I mean when you have your closest friend with you, how can you possibly not have fun and enjoy your night. I mean the place we went to was so packed, so at one point you couldn’t dance but the night was good overall. Btw if your wondering what my friend is wearing, Its a jumpsuit from Misguided HERE