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Hey guys, Hope your all keeping well. It’s been a while since I last posted, it’s so terrible of me but I just didn’t have any motivation what’s so ever. I just wanted to post an outfit, just to put it out there that blogging is still a big part of me. I am currently on three weeks holiday so I am gone be posting more frequently. See you in my next post. X


TOP:Zara, PANTS:Mango,SHOES:Topshop 

Helloooo to you all! I hope you've all been keeping well. As for me am doing brilliantly well. It’s been a few days since I last posted, this is mainly due to a very busy schedule, but here I am.  February is always a busy and a Scary month for me, because that’s when I turn a  year older. My birthday was last week Sunday, therefore I went home for the weekend. I have always had my birthday with my parents, so I really wanted to go home & they also desperately wanted me to come home too.  My mum notified me long ago in advance, haha aw bless her! I cant believe am 20 I feel so old, looking at it now  in 10 years time am gone be 30, it's really scary, but am so glad I made it to 20 and hope many more years to come for me.  To be honest I had nothing planned for the day, I had a very nice breakfast waiting for downstairs, breakfast at home is always amazing, it's even more amazing when it's my birthday because somehow you spend longer on the table &  get to use the phase 'It's my birthday Am not doing this...' my parents usually let me off! Haha Later on my parents planned dinner at my favorite restaurant, For the outfit I was pretty screwed, I was originally gone wear this skirt my mum bought me from Topshop. However I didn't find a top to match, therefore I was left with this option which I think worked out pretty well. I grabbed the top during the Zara sale, they still have it in some stores. The pants where also another sale find from Mango, I love them sooo much they are my fav. I decided to pair these two pieces with these shoes from Topshop, which are really dead comfortable. Overall I had a lovely birthday. 


Nice breaky at BTP, Probably the best breakfast I have ever tasted & thats a fact.Enjoy the Pictures, I am off to my lecture now. Have a Lovely day guys! 

TOP:Zara, Similar  SKIRT:H&M,SHOES:Topshop similar

Finally an outfit post, it’s been quite a while, since I last posted an outfit. It's mainly due to the bad weather, its been raining literally  every single day, but hopefully next week I will share a few outfits of the day with you.  But guess what, today I have this cheeky outfit from the other night.  I took it with my phone so please excuse the quality, but I really wanted to share it with you. My best friend came down to visit me, so I wanted to show her a good time.  In terms of Outfit, I never fully plan exactly what I want to wear, its always a few hours before I go out, So I was having a moment when I couldn’t come to terms on exactly what to wear. Since I am currently obsessed with black and white, of course I took a little trip in my wardrobe and some how I managed to put this little beauty together. The skirt is from H&M, it’s a high waist peplum style, and the top is from Zara. People would probably think its a one piece but its two separate items. In terms of the night overall, It was really good, I mean when you have your closest friend with you, how can you possibly not have fun and enjoy your night. I mean the place we went to was so packed, so at one point you couldn’t dance but the night was good overall. Btw if your wondering what my friend is wearing, Its a jumpsuit from Misguided HERE


Hey guys, hope your all well. I am just about to head out, ofcourse i had to take a few selfies for this post to be  relevant.  Rather unusual and maybe not an interest to many of you but I Just wanted to give you  guys an insight on my everyday makeup routine.  As well as the  products I use, all the ones  listed are  some of  my  favourite products. I wouldnt usually use the contour kit for day time, its more for night but sometimes when I feel like adding something to my face the contour kit is what i usually grab for.  For night time, its the same but with more products.

    Dress HERE, Top HERE Necklace HERE, Shoes HERE, DressHERE, Faux Fur cross bag: HERE, Dress:HERE, Earrings:HERE, Leather Skirt HERE, Dress, HERE Top,HERE Trousers,HERE Dress, HERE Dress: HERE Jacket HERE
 Here are a few things that are currently on my wish list.My birthday is soon, So hopefully I will be able to treat myself on a few bits and bobs. Hope you guys are all keeping well, See you in my next post! x  


One Day, I wish to have my house just like this. All Pictures are from Pinterest x 


    Currently wearing my two favorite colours, black and white. Yesterday felt like one of the longest days ever, I was woken up at 4 in the morning due to a fire alarm. I got back to bed at 7 and I couldn’t sleep for long as I had a lecture at 9:30. So just imagine how tired I must have been, well it was clearly highlighted during my lecture when I fell asleep. Today I am spending a full day in the library; planning on getting some work done. So that way I can make time for some great posts. It’s all about time management. O yeah! I don’t really have a lot to say guys, So I will see you in my next post. 
    Hope You have a Lovely Day!


    I really cant believe how quick the Xmas holidays went, Time really does fly. I am now back in my little single room. I really  enjoyed being home, having lovely home made  meals , nice  baths with scented candles . How can you possibly not enjoy  that?  but it all had to come to an end. Now I am back to my little room, which I now feel like its also home.  Well I have certainly tried a lot to make it feel like one. Plus the friends I have as well make everything a lot easier. Last year I promised to show you my room but I never got around to doing it, so here it is.

    My room is a pretty  good size, ensuite and my view is pretty sick as most people would describe it. All the stuff I used to decorate my room where from Ikea or back home. I am a neutral person and very minimal too. In simplest terms pretty  boring as some might describe it.  I  went for creams as my focus colour and just green as my accent colours.  P.s its not always this  clean, just done it for you guys hahaha, After all I am a 19 year old student expect the mess on those drunk nights out. I just happened not to go out the night before! Peace Out! :) xx

Take Care Guys, Hope to see you in my Next post.

Good Day! x


    This is the outfit I wore yesterday on a night out with my friends.We all planned to go to this fancy place, and it’s a requirement to be well dressed and groomed. In terms of the whole look I was going for, nothing really exciting.  For my makeup I went for my usual everyday face, I finished the look with fake lashes by Eylure and that was pretty much it.  I honestly wish I could do more with my makeup,but I am just really terrible and I feel eyeshadows don't suite me so I never take that road.

                 For the  outfit I had two choices, either a little min leather or a pencil skirt seeing it was freezing I choose the pencil skirt. This is originally from  River Island  probably three years ago.  The crop top is from Zara, which I purchased during sale. The shoes, which unfortunately you cant see,  where  a pair of black wedges from ebay, which I don’t recommend.  If your wondering my side bag, which I love very much, is also a recent purchase from Mango. 

Overall the night was really good, I enjoyed myself a lot, I always do with a few shots of vodko,  you certainly cant go wrong. I was slightly drunk but I was still pretty capable. The last two hours I spent my time in the smoking area (I don’t smoke btw) where I experienced the shoe breakage, my friend kindly applied lash glue but unfortunately we didn't succeed, as we thought we wouldn't.   I thought I was gone into panic mood  but It wasn't much of a  hassle  carefully dragging my foot around and having to clarify to people that my shoe broke, hence why I am in a really awkward position.   I honestly feel smoking areas are always really great way to socialize and meet  loads people, so It was a pretty good night out.
 I hope to see you in next post guys. Take care & See you soon x