I recently bought this black Dip back top from Asos, I always wanted one but every time I kept on hesitating whether or not buy it, but eventually I bit the bullet and said why not only 25quid? Along with that I also ordered a pair of ‘ABBI Chelsea Ankle Boots, same applies with these shoes, I also wanted them, but they were pretty expensive in topshop, probably around £70.00, by all means I wasn’t willing to spend that much money, because I didn’t have it. But when I stormed over these babies on ‘Asos’ I was gobsmacked on the price just £38.00! ‘Barging’! The shoes are mega comfortable, I actually went shopping with them to westfelids, and I didn’t experience any problems, although they made me look super tall compare to my mates, it wasn’t a problem. One disadvantage about these shoes is the fact trying to put them on, can be a right pain and also taking them off, but  I suppose You get the hang of it and also they are gorgeous and have the leather looking effect, even if its not real leather it’s not a problem!

Necklace: Topshope Sale  
Shoes: Asos
Socks: Topshop (3pairs for £8)

Side Bag: Primark, (Last Year)

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