Summer go to Shoes!

Zara: High Heel Peep-Toe £29.99

Browsing through Zara online, Back and forth, I come across these beauties, ‘High Heel Peep-Toe’ shoes. I was so excited because of the price, just under 30 pounds! So obviously what do I do, I order them, Typical Claudia! I ordered  a size six, however  when I received them the shoes couldn’t fit my big feet, full of disappoint I quickly rushed to the store hoping they would have a size 7, bear in mind they were all sold out online.  I received the disappointing news ‘sorry they're all sold out' I was devastated, 5 days later I received an email that they were back in store, so what do I do?  The Typical Claudia Ninja Move quickly stormed on the internet and order them, this time a size 7.  I haven’t really had a chance to wear them, but having tried them on at home they are exceptionally comfortable and they literally look nice on everything, mostly on little cute dresses.


  1. Love these shoes. I have been wanting a pair for like this ever. Haven't been able to find some. Lucky you.

  2. I'm selling some size 5 on ebay in the next week or so… jemmagracesells x


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