Airport Outfit

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Last week I went away on Holidays to Greece, this is mainly one reason I haven’t been able to post anything. Due to the delay of our flight my friend decided to take a few snaps for my airport outfit. I decided to wear Jeans because the weather in London wasn’t too great and plus we were leaving in the Morning. So I thought these floral Jeans would for sure suit the type of Look I was trying to go for. First of all there are floral and they shout summer and tropical and that’s where I am heading to. While putting these jeans on I experienced a few problems, it consisted a lot of sweating and hard breathing, but it wasn’t a problem because eventually they were gone fit me nevertheless.  I decided not to overdo it due to the various colours within the jeans, so I went for all white at the top, which included a white Top from Primark and White blazer from H&M. With the shoes I decided to wear these red beauties from Priceless.

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