Olivia Palermo in Petal Pink Lace Valentino dress

#Valentino Haute Couture Show
Olivia Palermo attended the Valentino Haute Couture Show wearing a petal pink lace dress in Valentino. Taking a first look on what she was wearing, I thought she looked absolutely gorgeous. However the longer I looked at the outfit the more I began to notice certain things weren’t contrasting. For instance the sparkly ankle-strap shoes were absolutely amazing, however they just didn’t seem to jel, personally if she paired the dress with white pointy heeled shoes, it maybe would have done her better favours. I felt the belt was also another issue I had, followed by the cultch bag. It was such an amazing piece but I feel Olivia was unable to pull it off due to the selection interest of accessories. x

(As shown on the catwalk)


  1. This dress was amazing but sorry she wore it all wrong...the belt and the shoes does not go at all..


  2. I truly agree with you, everything was just wrong; it’s a shame because the dress was exceptionally beautiful


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