Blazer & Knit Top: Zara  (Greece)

Jeans: Topshop, Denim Shirt: H&M 
Shirt and Bag: Greece (Thessaloniki)
Marbel Dresses: Topshop(blue) and Miss selfridges(Pink)

Shorts: Topshop
Dress: AX Paris Debenhams
Top:AX Paris
Dress: T.K Max
Shorts: Greece

Okay so since I come back from Holidays I have slightly been depressed, mainly because of the weather and also not being able to live the luxury life that I was living for 7 days, which is quite sad and depressing. So I thought in order to get rid of this depression I should head down to my local shopping mall and spend a bit of money. I bought a rather large amount of clothing which is rather ridiculous, but that was part of my therapy I suppose, so I am sure I can get away with it. I firstly headed to Topshop and I went straight to the sale rack, I managed to grab three items which I loved, that included the coral jeans, (green, purple, pinky) dress and shorts.  I am quite amazed by myself, that the fact I keep buying jeans, which I relatively find weird because I was never a fun of jeans before, but this year my opinion towards them has for sure changed. My aim is to stock up on various colours, I only have two that’s the coral and the mint green , my next one is most probably yellow, and not to mention all my jeans are from Topshop, this is because their fitting is amazing so I never buy my jeans anywhere else. Also another good buy from Topshop was this gorgeous max dress, which I absolutely love the colours are breath taking.  Unfortunately the dress is in a size 12 which isn’t an issue because I am planning to play around with it; another great point about this dress is that it can also be styled as a skirt.  It can be worn different ways which is great, so keep an eye out for that if you’re interested.  Another top buy I picked up was this great 'red chilli pepper' dress from T.K Max, this might not be to everyone’s taste but this dress is so cute and its one of those good buys that you will not find anyone else wearing. That’s another great point shopping at T.K Max, although it requires energy and patient, it isn’t bad after all.  Lastly my finial Top buy was this Zara Blazer that I bought when I was in Greece, words cannot describe how beautiful and flattering this blazer looks, this was my first time buying a blazer from Zara, the moment I put the blazer on wow, I felt 1 million dollar richer, hahaha, I am not even exaggerating, the texture is amazing and also the fitting, wow am in love!  Cheerio X


  1. these are all such awesome buys, I really really want the items from Zara, they're ever so lovely! great blog :)


  2. Thanks my dear, Glad you love them xx


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