I DoubleDareYou


Omg the weather is Amazing! Okay I am so amazed how amazing the weather is, I can’t believe were  in September and its about 280 its crazy but I am loving it, because I get the chance to wear some of my summer great buys that I wasn’t able to wear during July/August. So for this outfit I decided to do double denim, because I really liked how it looked. For certain people out there, they might possibly think that denim on denim doesn’t work but it certainly does, it all depends on how you style it as well as the colour pieces you’re working with. As you can see I worked with two different colours of denim, the shorts are certainly a lighter colour than the shirt, which should be the case while styling double denim. To jazz up my outfit I decided to also wear a black vest inside just to take away the hash effect from the double denim, I also throw on a ‘bullet’ necklace as well as the tasselled black bag, which I suppose gave it a rough  rocky look. Cheerio x   


  1. Hello Claudia!:)
    I like the look soooo much! Yes of course we can fallow;)

    Hugs from Poland!
    xo xo!

  2. love your blog and love this look,kisses


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