Money Saving ideas: DIY Simple Customize Collar Dress/Jumper

#1 DIY
Hey guys, I have something new for you, I have decided to do some DIY, and I just wanted to spice up my old stuff, and give them a bit of vavoom.  During the weekend I decided to go to the fabric store and I grabbed some lace and other material for other DIY’s which I will be sharing with you. The current fashion trend is customize collars, which is really in right now, for example leather collars, leopard prints collars, lace collars and also studs. With this trend you could find yourself paying a fortune, whereas you could simply do it yourself for less than a pound. This is a great way of saving money because you’re using your old pieces and just adding detail to it, which generally gives it a different style and more money in your pockets. I hope you like it. X

                                         To achieve this really cool lace Collar affect, your gone need;

 Thread, (This should match the colour lace your using), Needle, Lace, Scissors & Cloth (this depends on your interest, I choose a dress and a Jumper
Lay your dress out on a flat surface
   Measure the collar of your dress with the lace, see where the collar ends and then cut.  Start sewing your lace onto your collar and just keep going round, it’s really that easy once you get the hold of it.  (Make sure you start sewing from the Inside.)
            Once you have got to the end of the collar, cut the thread 1 cm up
Tie in a knot, and cut off the rest of the thread, get rid of the remaining lace, that follows cutting it.
And Warhol, your done.


  1. Great idea! Shops would charge a fortune for these tops! x

  2. Yes I agree! This is a great way of saving money for sure. x

  3. This is an amazing DIY post, a better alternative to the collar necklace thats always worn
    I'm definitely going to try this, where did you get the lace from?
    Great blog, now following x

  4. Hey, Thanks for the lovely comment! x
    I bought the lace from Romford Markert! but its very easy to find in any fabric store.x
    Take care babe!x


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