New Buys: Essentials

Hey guys, I Hope you’re all well, it’s been long since I done a post. I have been so busy and caught up with everything.  Am sure so many of you guys  are not aware exactly what I do, but I am currently in a gap year, I finished my A-levels and due to personal interest, I choose not to go further with the course I was going to do at University, therefore I dropped out. However I will be attending Uni Next year. In the mean time I have been trying to find various interests in terms of the career I want to purse in. Therefore I have been taking a short course in Fashion buying and range planning at the Fashion Retail academy. I will go into in another post, but while I have been attending there I have had a cheeky shopping spree, ha-ha. The weather has recently changed and it’s getting really cold, so I have had my eye  on a few essentials. I bought a few jumpers and tops, I firstly come across this orange/blue and yellow jumper, which I absolutely Love, and my friend wasn’t a fun of it, which was quite weird because come on, how can you not possibly be in Love with this...? I also grabbed this orange jumper, I Love it because it’s nice and fitted so it looks lovely with collar tops etc. Moving on to Primark, I grabbed these tops and they are just basic tops and they are easy to work with so yeah good buy. Cheerio Guys. <3 font="font">



  1. Such cute items!
    The red knit from h&m and the grey one from Primark are my fave!
    S xx

    1. Its actually bright arange babe, the Camera didnt pick up the colour that great. haha
      Thank you <3

  2. I love it! So beautiful sweaters! :)

  3. I really love those Primark jumpers!
    Also the course you're doing sounds interesting :)

  4. I love jumpers and these are super awesome! Now following your lovely blog. Tia xx

  5. I love the freshness of these jumpers, especially for the winter months.
    FYI, I've been cruising around your blog for a bit now, and I absolutely adore your style xx

  6. Wooo!!!
    I love both from H&M!!!!
    You have a new follower!!!:)
    pleasee click Like it!!!!


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