Holiday Series: Crushing with Orange

Top: RiverIsland

Hey guys, I Hope your all keeping well, I was meant to post this yesterday but I got snowed under with lots of other commitments, however better late than never. Yesterday was such a long day it was my cousin’s 11th birthday and we all headed to the beach.  It was such a lovely day, it wasn’t too hot and the breeze from the water was just what the doctor ordered. Omg our little puppy Pixie I nearly killed her, on Saturday she was absolutely starving and it was too late to make some food for her, so I took pity on her and  feed her raw meat, I suppose it was the worst mistake I made, bare in mind she’s only two months old and she’s just like a baby.  So Sunday morning she was throwing up and all sorts and she looked like she was about to die, I felt so sad to see her in such a state, luckily on the day we went to the beach she was running around so it brought a smile my back on my face. The weather here is so beautiful its hard to imagine that last week I was all covered up in layers of clothes to keep out the winter chill and now I am walking around sun glasses, short skirts and the sun in my back chilling. On the topic of clothes at last I have been reunited with my missing suite case, about time KLM, three cheers to you, but you took the piss! Ha-ha I look forward to my compensation of $100.  Cheerio xxx


  1. Pretty the colour combo and I've also got that same ring :)

  2. Such pleasure to look at this bright colours and the way you combine them, it's a gift, truly*))

  3. wooow love the colours !! I wish it would be summer ;) I would love to wear shorts and tank tops ;) I absolutly hate winter ! ;)

    greetings from the cold Luxembourg :)

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  5. Your outfit is so beautiful I love the orange and greenish blue.

  6. I love that bag and all of the bright colors you are wearing!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  7. Your poppy is so cute <3 Love the bright colors of this outfit.


  8. It's nice to see lots of colors going on your outfit
    when everybody dress black and neutral colors.
    Guess it's the weather!

  9. lovely pics <3
    the baG girl

  10. Your pictures are amazing! Love the colours...

  11. I've just discover your blog and I LOVE you style and universe, I'd like us to stay in touch
    Would you like to follow each other


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