So my birthday was yesterday (02/02) and I turned 19, I feel so old.  I firstly want to say Thank you to those of you who wished me a Happy Birthday. I had a Lovely Day, I was woken up to breakfast in bed  by my lovely mum. I was then surprised by my Gorgeous Friends  Mah & Shimzy (Nicknames) who Come over to visit me, not to say the least they also had amazing goodies for me, I was lost of words. They got me the dress I am wearing below and a Gorgeous Sheep Skin Jacket from Zara, along with some other Great funny things.  Later on I went  dinner with my family to my favorite restaurant, Elephant and Royal  I am a big fun of Thai Food and it was a great place to celebrate it, amazing atmosphere, couldn't ask for anymore. 
                                                Spring Rolls 
Weeping Tiger..

                                                                        Drunkin Duck 
   Chicken in Ginger
                                                                                      Royal Fried Rice 


  1. Happy belated birthday gorgeous!
    Dress looks so cute!
    And the food looks amazing
    Sounds like an amazing day
    S xx

  2. Happy belated birthday it looks like you had a great day. Cute outfit and that food looks simply delicious

    xo Chante' xo

  3. You look amazing! And it sounds like you had a perf day! xxx

  4. I can't see the whole dree but it seems really cute !

    Wow ! And what you ate looks delicious.

  5. Happy birthday for yesterday :D craving some thai food now, hope you had fun xxx

  6. everthing looks so yummy !
    happy b-day !:)

  7. Glad you had a great birthday, that Thai food looks yumm!! X

  8. happy belated! I know exactly how you feel, I'm turning 20 in a few months and I'm super scared :( I love Thai food as well, and those spring rolls and drunken curry look soooo good mm!

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  9. Happy 19th! So much yummy food, I'm getting hungry!

  10. Happy birthday!! damn the food looks so good! you look lovely too :D xx

  11. seems like you had a great birthday :)
    (btw. happy bday :p)
    nice photos ♥

  12. Happy belated birthday! Your dress is cute and the food looks really good! :)

  13. All that yummy food! ^_^
    Happy Belated Birthday!!
    Sounds like you really enjoyed! Best way to spend it, with family and friends :)

  14. Happy look beautiful! Hope you had a great time :-)

  15. Happy belated birthday ! Your River Island dress is gorgeous!

    Http:// xx

  16. Happy Belated Birthday! The food looks delicious and you look gorgeous:-)

    I'm new to the blogging world and am looking for blogs to follow, I'd be so great full if anyone were to check out mine?

  17. Adore your floral dress, so lovely. Love the blog!


  18. Happy Bleated Birthday. Wow you're only 19, I mean that in the best way possible. You have such a sweet mom. I am in love with the ice cream shot, LOL. Yummy. Also very pretty dress, your friends did good.


Thank You all for your Lovely Comments, I really appreciate it!
Love You all, Mwahh.. Claudia xx