Presents, Presents & More Presents

"Friendship isn't about whom you have known the longest... It's about who came, and never left your side..."
Hello Guys, I firstly want to apologies for my lack of posts, I know I have been a bit funny on my updates  recently but I am back now, YAY!
Anyways I am sure some of you guys were aware that I was in Nottingham visiting a best mate of mine.  Well I have to say I have the world’s greatest best friend, It was so long till we last  saw each other and it was great to finally be reunited, Oh Yeah! She welcomed me with these amazing presents to be honest I was overwhelmed that someone would spend a ridiculous amount of money on me, this also applies to my other mates  as well.  I mean I have really been spoiled  and I should  consider myself  lucky to have such amazing friends.
I am sure as you can see she bought me a Dior Perfume, the story behind this particular scent she choose is based on my recent post I posted regarding my review on the Balenciaga perfume florabotanica.  While she was in the store she sepcifially  requested for a scent that was similar to that. I find this so sweet that the fact she reads my posts hahaha, not to say the least she got it right, I mean its amazing and how cute is that bottle.  
Anyways not only did she buy this amazeball beauty but she also picked up some great Knickers from La-senza. For every birthday I have shared with her she has  always bought me underwear, there is a story behind it and I really wouldn’t want to go into it,  but  I showing you I  hope you guys don’t find It inappropriate or offensive but  you got admit they are the shizzle and gorgeous colours.


  1. Omg I need those knickers. You have amazing friends!

  2. wow, lovely gifts.. im so jealous of you!

  3. Loving the Dior perfume especially the packaging
    S xx

  4. Such cute presents! The perfume looks like its in a display cabinet, I love it!

  5. The pants are cute! OX

  6. What a great friend reading your blog reviews then working out what is best to buy you from it! Love the bottle :) xx

  7. oh, such lovely little gifts here! i adore that perfume.. it smells like heaven.

    lindsey louise

  8. I love Miss Dior perfume, gorgeous gifts!

  9. Such a pretty post! You have a lovely friend.

    Love Daniela (new fan) oxo

  10. Oh my I envy you thoughtful friends you have got! Love the perfume and the packaging, gives sucha nice royal feel :) Following you now :)

    Come visit us sometime and will love it if you join us on GFC too :)

  11. OH wow what lovely presents! The Dior packaging is to die for, almost a shame to take it out! x

    January Girl ♥ Nails Inc + Eylure Giveaway ♥

  12. in love with that friendship quote



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