Needing Outfit
Necklace: Primark (£4.00
Blazer: RiverIsland
Watch: ALDO

It’s been a while since I last posted, I go through this phase when I am so enthusiastic to post then the following week I just have no passion for it.  I suppose it’s because of the format of my blog, I am slightly bored of my posts. I have been thinking of some ideas, I am planning to record a hair tutorial that most of you loved in this post probably this coming week or so.

As you can see that’s unaccomplished outfit post, matter of the story is over the weekend I  went to this lovely  area, and there was lake and of course DUCKS. I am absoutely terrfied of ducks, does anyone  else have this fear. Anyways I tried to take pictures, but most pictures come out of I looking horribly terrified  and ontop of that, it was EXTREMLY windy, so that was a FAIL!

BTW: How gorgeous is that Necklace????, You gotta love Primark for sure! They currently have some great pieces  of jeweller and the prices are so reasonable.

I Hope Your are keeping well & I hope to see you in my next post!


  1. The necklace is very nice and that coat is amazing!

  2. I understand what you mean about having phases of being so involved with nothing then phases of nothing; I've been trying out new layouts to make me more motivated seen as it helps if it looks nice at least!

  3. This is so beautiful! I love your necklace xo

  4. The necklace is from primark? I can' believe it!!! I really love it.

  5. Love the necklace can't believe it's primark
    Want your blazer
    S xx

  6. The necklace is lovely!

  7. Man I wish we had Primark in Korea too.
    I hear too many things about it :(
    Cool look with the statement jewelry!

  8. cannot wait to see your tutorial! I just came across your blog, and I love it,I don't think your post are boring! Although I would definitely love to see more outfit post :)
    following you now :)

  9. i love the cardigan, yes you should do the tutorial!! if you get a sec, i have a new post up, would love to know what you think! xx

  10. love the watchh!!!!!!

  11. Love this jacket so nice!! FITP xx

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