Summer is approaching; I can certainly feel the breeze. At least while it’s on its way I can share my interests on what I would describe is the perfect summer holiday.  Summer definitely inspires so many of us; somehow everyone is so happy as opposed to autumn and winter. It goes to show you how much the weather has an impact on our everyday lives. We all tend  to actively do more when the weather is good and sunshine gives us additional motivation. But sometimes we are unable to achieve all those things we would love to do during the summer time, Well certainly I can’t simply because I have no idea. Therefore I would like to share with you some of the things I would love to experience; this will have to be a bank holiday weekend trip which consisted of just... FUN, LOVE & ETC
Lets Begin.... 
  Retro Camper Van..? Yeap..  I would love to experience my holiday adventure in a retro camper.  I honestly wouldn't mind if this was my first car, I suppose I would need major confidence to drive it around on just a  normal regular day. I have always wished and dreamed of owning my own camper van, specifically a yellow one or a mint green.  I have never been camping before and its something I would love to experience, certainly in a lovely retro camper. How cool would I look on top of that  roof...? 
    There is nothing more beautiful than driving along this beautiful road in my camper van, with the wind gusting through my hair while gazing at the spectacular scenery and just listening to the waves of the ocean/sea in the background. This picture really sets the scène of complete freedom, beauty and peace. How could anyone resist this combination of quality of living that no amounts of money could buy.
 I would love to visit varies parts of Britain more specifically Cornwall, as I have never really been to that part of England.  I hear it’s absolutely beautiful with long stretch of continuous coastline as well as spectacular beaches and tiny gorgeous fishing villages. I would love to have a stopover in one of those gorgeous villages to adore the beautiful cottages as well as taste some great local food. I am sure I won’t be left disappointed, particularly in those retro  fishing village, I would  certainly enjoy getting my teeth into a Fresh cod just minutes after being fished from the beautiful Cornish coastal waters.  
 Believe it or not I do own my own bike, but I can’t remember the last time I rode it. Back in the days I used to love going to the park with my  friends and  we would spend hours just riding round and round. These days have long passed but I would love to get back into it,  so now my perfect day would consist of sitting on a sandy beach with playful intervals and  bike riding with my friends along the length of the shore line followed by more even longer intervals of lazing around on the sands. I would love to toss my bike on top of rooftop camper, drive down to the nearest beach, put on a multi coloured bikini and enjoy the day with my friends lying and cycling around the beach.
  Surfing... Is it even possible to do it seeing I can’t swim? I am so determined to obtain swimming lessons just to experience nature at its finest.  I can visualize taking a stroll down the beach, when the waves are calm and the sun is setting, grabbing the surfboard and gradually allowing my feet to hit the water, off I go and becoming a partner of nature, as the waves impel my board.
When you think summer, you automatically visualise music festivals. Imagine that car journey with all your friends full of excitement on your way to a music fest. This is something I would love to experience as I have never been to a weekend festival before; I have been to some music gigs but nothing grand as Glastonbury or V-Fest. I would just love to escape  from my everyday routines, just to spend a weekend with my friends listening to great music. I feel festivals are a few places where everyone is connected regardless of their views.  As they all say music brings the world together.
This is the sort of festival feeling i would love to experience, how cool and fun does that look?... Going away with your friends are some of the greatest and happiest memories you might hold, and experiencing and doing new things together creates even more memories. For example I and my best mate went to Greece last year and till this day we LAUGH like the trip was yesterday and we simply describe it the Greatest holiday where great memories where created.

Thank You for reading, I would Love to hear what your plans are for the summer.. Hope I don't get Jealous. x 


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  3. Love the post... I'll love to have a get away like this

  4. Awesome pictures and inspirations :)

  5. OH this all looks amazing!!!
    I want to be there
    S xx

  6. I love the pics!! xoxo


  7. Are you reading my mindddd, I wish I could experience it all this summer!I shall stay positive and try my best to make it happen lol xx


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