We arrived in Sweden in the early mornings of Friday. We tried to find our our way like fishes under water. (Typical tourists). Our first attempt was to grab a cab straight to the hotel, However we quickly changed our mind as the prices where pretty amusing. Therefore We decided to take plan b, the old reliable bus or should I say coach. This was third of the price and turned out to be a relaxing journey after all. After checking and dropping off our excess baggage we headed straight to central of Stockholm. 
On our second day, we toured on foot to the old city of Stockholm. This was once the original city center of Stockholm. My first impression of the city was beyond anticipation; it was more beautiful than I imagined it to be. I was taken back by the great architecture of the buildings and the narrow pathways/alleyways of the city, along with the different coloured contrast of  the buildings. The streets seemed to be endless, with lots of characteristics and quirky shops from vintage jewellery along to great cafes/restaurants.

The Outfits I opted for where all summery, the weather complimented my choices as the weather was sunny most of the time, which of course worked in my favor as Swedish weather can be unpredictable at the best of times.  
I sure do love swedish boys, I have never witnesed so many good looking people in one place (if that makes sense)  not to say the least they are super stylish. (Bonus point
(Our view from out hotel room, We stayed at one of the Scandic hotels). 

I was so excited to leave London for a bit  seeing I had  no plans of traveling this year. However my parents couldn't resist to take a city break and of course I was happy to join them.  We choose to go sweden to visit my uncle (mums brother), I was excited because I heard stockholm is beautiful  city, and  i have to say, I agree. The city is stunning,  its not too over crowded and the people over there seem to be calm and collective.  That’s probably the main reason why I fell in love with the country. I do hope to go again,because I feel there’s more to explore. Literally every turn I made within the narrow streets of the old city, I was just in for a surprise. 

The trip was really short so we didn’t really get the chance or the time to see other parts of the city or to even experience some Swedish cuisines, which I was gutted about because I do love to eat.   However I enjoyed myself and it was great to see my uncle and also spend some quality time with my parents, not to say the least but to also add another country to my list of travels! (My aim is to travel all of Europe) 

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  1. amazing photos!! :D
    It seems you had a great time! :D

  2. I hope to go to Sweden next summer to see two of my friends. It looks lovely! x

  3. It looks like a fantastic place and you look absolutely gorgeous! x

  4. wonderful photos!! you look gorgeous in this red dress<3

  5. that orange dress is beautiful on you! love the necklace that you paired it with as well!

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  7. Your outfits look so comfy and cute! You are an amazing photographer your photos are beautiful.

    Awkward Heart♥

    1. That’s so lovely of you to say, Thank you! X

  8. u look super gorgeous! these photos are amazing :D

    xoxo, Eliza
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  9. Looks like a beautiful city

  10. everything looks beautifulllll

    Jade xo

  11. Such pretty pictures! And I really like the pinkish dress, looks so nice on your skin tone!!!

  12. Wonderful pictures! ♥ Your smile is beautiful:-)

  13. Looks really like you had fortune with the weather! Thanks for sharing this wonderful and interesting pictures and I like the outfits which you have worn, so casual and chic in the same way <3

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    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  14. That tie-dye maxi is beyond beautiful! Looks great on your skin tone too! Wonderful pictures as well :) Have a wonderful weekend!


  15. Looks amazing
    Love you in that red dress
    S xx

  16. Awesome pictures! You look lovely!

    Have a nice day and see you soon : )

  17. Cool photos and great trip)


  18. Amazing photos and stunning outfits!

  19. Your style is amazing, I especially love that tie-dye dress! Gorgeous xo

  20. this is such a beautiful city, I've always wanted to go to stockholm as well! and you look really sweet in all those outfits <3

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  21. woaw this looks like such a good place to be :) and in love with your minty top..

  22. Sweden looks lovely! All your outfits were gorgeous, particularly that red/coral dress! It looks stunning on you.

  23. You and your friend look so cute and authentic. ;)
    So far, I haven't known much about Stockholm, but your professionally taken pictures have caught my attention, it looks so cozy and interesting!!! :)


  24. Looks like fun :)
    Your blog is great too, going back to check out past posts now!


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