This autumn winter, I am certain that I am gone be approaching towards the black & white outfits, white is my favourite colour and then black you certainly can't go wrong! I have been trying to stock on basics in terms of T-shirts because they are just so easy to slip on. I am also leaning towards the stripy tops, this one is from H&M and it balances out the black. I am not too sure whether I have told you about this coat, well it's also another great buy from H&M, I remember when I was in Sweden & I saw a similar one from the conscious section, I feel in love with it but it was too damn expensive, sadly that was the end of the coat. Just one of those random shopping days I came across a similar one for just £30, it was a bargain! The coat is so ideal for this time of the year because its light and atm it's not too cold so pretty good buy!
Top, Pants, Coat: H&M, Boots:PRIMARK, Bag:LONGCHAMP
As you can tell the location is rather different, well my lovely gorgeous friend Yasmin helped me take these pictures, she actually done a great job so am mega pleased! my blog is slowly coming back to life, so we are heading in the right direction. The weather down here has just been horrible, it’s been raining literally every single day, so its beneficial to choose the correct foot wear and also carry umbrella at all times terms, but somehow I and my friend didn't think of that, well the umbrella option. So we got caught in the rain, and we were stranded in YUM, (it’s a cafe btw) We popped in there for a lovely hot choco and a blue berry muffin and that made up for the horrible weather outside!!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend see you in my next post.


  1. such a lovely outfit, loving the coat x

  2. nice outfit. love those leather pants.

  3. Love this look! It's so chic! I saw that trench at H&M and had been considering buying me. Oh, and that hot chocolate looks divine. <3

    Maya| Petite & Unique

  4. I love this coat!! Gorgeous!! Thanks for commenting on my post :) now following xxx


  5. oh my, those cups of coffee look so delicious!!!! Awesome!!!
    Those photographs are adorable! You look so chic and beautiful!
    Wish you a blessed day ahead!

  6. LOVE those leggins, newest follower xx

    Charlotte| LongHairDontCare

  7. What gorgeous photos! I love your shoes, and the background to the pics is stunning xo

  8. This trench is gorge
    S xx

  9. I really like the leggings!

  10. stunnin casual outfit!!! happy monday)))) xoxo))))

  11. I love the outfit the coat is amazing!,


  12. I really like your pants and shoes, and great pictures
    Deejay Speaks

  13. I find myself always going for black and white outfits during whatever season! They are so classic, yet modern at the same time! Beautiful photos! xx

  14. I love this outfit in its entirety!
    The jacket is gorgeous, strips are always great and the pants are perfect.

  15. Amazing pictures! Love the background as well of where you are



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