In my past posts, I have stated my current obsession for black and white; I am just really obsessed with it at the moment. Which has resulted in plenty of purchases including these shoes, which I am very much in love with. I feel in love with the shoes, the moment I saw them.  I mean after all they are black and white. Not to mention the shoes were £7 from £20, which is an absolute bargain. They are also very comfortable, which I have pretty much been longing for, as I don’t own a pair of comfortable shoes and spending £7 quid on a pair, you certainly cant go wrong.

Hope You have a lovely Day. x


  1. £20 to £7, absolute steal, looks pretty comfy

  2. Im currently feeling that Black and white obsession and eyeing a a similar pair of shoes like those but in leather for a while now. But seriously that is a bargain

  3. these are amazing! And such a steal!!

  4. really cute and practical flats, lovely!

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