My first year of university has finally come to an end, it's so weird how fast it's all come. I have had the best time, & I wouldn't change anything about it. (Although I haven’t been on top with my blogging) Along the way I have made some incredible friends whom I have shared amazing memories with.  
I’m still mind blown on how quick the year went, I remember like it was only yesterday when my parents dropped me off.  I  had so many emotions on that day, I was so excited and anxious at the same time. I was scared encase I hated it, But it turned out great everyone was lovely and the one thing you have to keep in mind when your going into a new situation for instance like mine,  remember no one knows each other, and everyone wants to make friends and every one is keen so with all that it made it easier and I took that opportunity upon me.  It's been an incredible journey, I have become more independent in some aspects, I have learnt a few stuff about myself. I think I have made the most of it since I ditched blogging for a bit and reasons to why I'm so broke. 
Regarding my course, I have thoroughly enjoyed some modules. It’s a broad course and some modules I haven’t fully enjoyed them which is pretty much expected but I have stuck through and accomplished them. I feel I didn’t really give it my all, I was pretty lazy with my work.  Which is bad in a way because that’s the main reasons of going to uni but in second year I will have a different mentality and approach.  I'm just glad all the work and sleepless nights are out of the way and I can now start to enjoy my summer holidays. I still don't have anything planned as for yet, which is a bit of a bummer apart from a festival that I’m attending which isn’t until September. I hope you're all keeping well and I'm so grateful for the comments I always receive on my posts. Hope to see you in my next post. 
Take Care Guys, Have a Lovely day x 

-A moment lasts all of a second, but the memory lives on forever.-

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