Hello Guys, Hope your all  well and enjoying the weather.  For me I'm doing very well, Just trying to make the most of the good weather, while its here.   Tuesday was such a tiring day for me, I spent the day hanging around with two of my friends,  venturing across London, we felt like good old tourists. For the outfit, I opted for a  slouchy casual look.  All the items I'm wearing are all from last year apart from the jeans  which are a recent buy from Paul & Bear.  These are probably my favourite jeans at the moment, purely to the fact they have a great fitting and they were a decent buy. In terms of footwear   I was hesitating to wear these boots simply because  it was so hot and i anticipated a long day ahead of us, However  they where pretty comfortable, I didn't compline. 
We started our adventure  pretty early,  therefore some of us didn't get time to grab breakfast, in fact none of  us did.  We headed straight  to Borough Market,Since we're all hungry our  aim was to find a food stand, which we successfully did. The market its self is really nice, very chilled out plenty of food stands/ stores, stalls. Really nice market as as a whole. 
We done so much walking, we needed some rest, so we checked into a near by park. We didn't stay there for too long, Seeing we were all  pretty hungry, Honestly whenever we go out we're constantly thinking about food.  We went to Homeslice , which is situated  in convert gardens. Were we tucked into the 20inch margarita Pizza. It was pretty delicious I must say. From there we took a ride down to Soho then he headed to Green Park.  Overall it was a really nice day out, we had so much fun and we didn't spend too much money.

Hope to see you in my next post, Take care guys x 


  1. Great photos and I love your outfit as well.

  2. What an adorable bag...I really like the outfit, it's so the bleached ripped jeans and white shirt combo!!!and the booties are very cool...Looks like you had a lovely day...I do hope to visit London some day myself!

    1. Thank You, You really should, its a lovely city! So much too see!! xx

  3. That pizza looks so yum it's making me super hungry lol. Love the jeans x
    Two Looks, One London

  4. Looks like you had a fun day, yum pizza! x


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