Jeans:TOSPHOP, Top:H&M, Sandals:ZARA
Few Weeks back, I had a day out with my mum, We had Lunch at Jamie's  Italian we both ordered  the same thing, PASTAA! It was soo Good.  I have been so busy lately. I've been doing some crazy mental hours at work so I'm always pretty knackered.  I might start blogging what I wear to work but its pretty boring and dead casual, but I  will give it a shot.  But enough of that, Do you Like my new jeans, yes the white ones..? I Love them, so perfect for this time  of the year,  this is my first pair of jeans white jeans and as much as  white jeans scare me.  These fit so perfectly well and I do recommend them. I have another post lined up, so look out for that, hope you all have a lovely day and I hope to see see you in my next post.
 Take Care x 


  1. Love Jamie's Italian, I could eat the risotto for every meal, you look great here, Love that top and the white jeans were definitely a good choice even though the fear is real especially when eating italian aha!

  2. I love Jamie's Italian, the seafood dishes are so yummy! Your jeans are gorgeous but I'm still too scared to get myself a pair x

  3. love this look on you! rocking the white jeans very well. they look great! i'm still mustering up the courage to do so

  4. You look fantastic and so does the food! Great photos.

  5. Hi Claudia!

    Loving your ripped jeans look! i really want some but in black - do these have quite a high waist on them?? i don't want any of those low rise ones, they are so not flattering on me!!

    also - that pasta looks AHmazing!!

    Love Shani xo
    Co-founder at Style Honey


Thank You all for your Lovely Comments, I really appreciate it!
Love You all, Mwahh.. Claudia xx